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I'm old enough to know not to fall in love with a voice on the radio.

I don't really update this very much, I update my blog more, jedko.wordpress.com and my tumblr http://blackandbluesocks.tumblr.com/.

If I use an avatar that yours and I don't credit, let me know, I have a lot saved to my computer and have lost track.

I am a 18 year in Southern Ohio starting college next year. I'm white, and middle class, having grown up in a small sheltered town. I've spent my life surrounded by rich high class people. While I've definitely met some nice people where I live, I've definitely been surrounded by snobbery and privilege all my life that's even disgusted my teachers, leading to them to many rants about how "We don't get it." about the rest of the world and what it's really like. And that's probably true. I've grown up surrounded by what I'm starting to learn are close-minded incorrect points of views, and really honestly want to learn how things really are.

I have moderate-severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as well as a minor heart problem. No, that does make me special, but it's annoying.

If this hasn't discouraged you from being my friend on livejournal, then I'm sorry. I will have to redo my bio to do a better job next time.